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Description of Our Sinfully Delicious Desserts




Vanilla Cheesecake – Classic Cheesecake, with sour cream topping and graham cracker crust. It has been a New York favorite for over thirty years!!!


Chocolate Marble Cheesecake – Our classic cheesecake swirled with semi-sweet chocolate.


Chocolate Chip Cheesecake – Our creamy smooth cheesecake with chocolate chips throughout.


Raspberry Marble Cheesecake - Our classic cheesecake swirled with raspberry.


Pumpkin Cognac Cheesecake – Our famous cheesecake mixed with real pumpkin and a hint of cognac – a great seasonal treat!!!


Double Chocolate Cheesecake – Our classic cheesecake covered with a DOUBLE layer of bittersweet chocolate.


Coffee Cheesecake – Deliciously coffee and cream flavored cheesecake.


European Specialties:


Chocolate Espresso Almondine – rich genoise soaked with espresso, with chocolate fudge icing and decorated with sliced almonds.


Chocolate Truffle – A chocolate lover’s dream!!! A super intense flourless chocolate cake.


Double Chocolate Fudge – Chocolate sponge layers separated by light chocolate buttercream, enrobed in chocolate ganache.


Open Apple Tart – A classic pastry crust, filled with baked apples and topped with hand placed sliced apples.


Open Apple Blueberry – A classic pastry crust, filled with baked apples and topped with fresh blueberries.


Open Apple Cranberry - A classic pastry crust, filled with baked apples and topped with fresh cranberries.


Open Apple Peach - A classic pastry crust, filled with baked apples and topped with hand placed sliced peaches.


German Chocolate Inside Out Cake – a twist on the classic. We put the gooey buttery, coconut decoration on the inside of this cake, then covered it with chocolate ganache.


Mocha Almond Tart – Genoise with mocha buttercream between the layers and on the outside of this European delight, with almonds decorating the perimeter.


Mocha Chocolate – Genoise layered with chocolate buttercream, enrobed with bittersweet chocolate.


Raspberry Decadence – Chocolate genoise layered with pure raspberry jam, covered in chocolate fudge icing.


Raspberry Linzertorte – A delicious treat!!! Almonds make up the crust of this raspberry jam filled tart.


Sachertorte – Genoise layered with orange marmalade covered with bittersweet chocolate.


Tiramisu – Ours is a twist on the classic. An chocolate crumb crust layered with Marscarpone cheese and espresso soaked genoise, beautifully decorated.



American Beauties:


Apple Crisp – Delicious pastry crust, filled with baked apples and topped with a crumbly brown sugar topping.


Banana Nut Crunch – Banana genoise, layered and surrounded by with banana flavored buttercream and decorated with walnuts.


Blueberry Crisp - Delicious pastry crust, filled with baked blueberries and topped with a crumbly brown sugar topping.


Blackout – Chocolate sponge layered with chocolate fudge, decorated with chocolate crumbs.


Carrot Cake – Fresh, moist carrot cake made with carrots, pecans, raisins and spices, topped with creamy cream cheese buttercream icing.


Chocolate Fantasy – Get a glass of milk. Rich chocolate fudge cake, layered and iced with chocolate fudge icing.


Key Lime Tart – a graham cracker crumb crust with our creamy smooth Key Lime filling, comes plain or decorated with whipped cream.


Mississippi Mud – A chocolate crumb crust filled with dense chocolate fudge and topped with chunky chocolate.


Rocky Road – A chocolate crumb crust filled with chocolate fudge, slathered with marshmallow, bittersweet chocolate, chocolate chips and sliced almonds.


Very Berry – A buttery pastry crust, with a layer of sweet custard, topped with black currants, blueberries and raspberries.




A classic meal, made in a pie shell filled with either Broccoli and Cheddar cheese or Spinach and  Swiss Cheese, baked to a golden brown.


Magnificent Mousses:


Amaretto – Genoise soaked with Amaretto, layered with Amaretto flavored mousse, decorated with toasted almonds.


Cappuccino – Genoise soaked with espresso, layered with cappuccino mousse and beautifully decorated.


Chocolate – Our most popular. Luscious chocolate mousse and chocolate genoise layers decorated with chocolate curls.


Mochaccino – A mouth-watering blend of our chocolate genoise, chocolate mousse and cappuccino mousse, all covered in bittersweet chocolate ganache. Please note this is a special order dessert


White Chocolate – Genoise layered with white chocolate mousse, decorated with dark chocolate shavings.




Apple – Delicious pastry pie crust, filled with baked apples under more pastry pie crust.


Apple Crumb - Delicious pastry pie crust, filled with baked apples covered with crumbly brown sugar topping.


Chocolate Pecan – Our original pecan pie mixed with bittersweet chocolate.


Peach Strawberry – A delicious mixture of these two fruits in our pastry pie crust.


Pecan – Rich southern pecans in a soft tangy filling baked in our pastry pie shell.


Pumpkin – This seasonal treat is made with real pumpkin and spices baked in our pastry pie crust.




Orange – Layers of chocolate genoise, Chocolate Cheesecake and orange marmalade, covered in two layers of ganache.


Raspberry - Layers of chocolate genoise, Vanilla Cheesecake and raspberry jam, covered in two layers of ganache.

New Items:

Chocolate Flower Cake – Three layers of chocolate genoise and raspberry jam, iced with chocolate fudge and decorated like a chocolate flower.


Chocolate Bombe – Better serve this with a pitcher of milk!!! Chocolate brownie center, chocolate fudge layer, chocolate genoise, covered in chocolate ganache.

Specialty Items:


Happy Birthday Cakes – Available in white and chocolate, with “Happy Birthday” already on them. Just pull them out and serve them. A great item to stock in the freezer!!!


Brownies and Blondies – classic bars always rich and delicious. Available individually wrapped or in half sheets.


Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Cookies – Delicious “giant” cookies (4 ½ inches diameter).